Minnesota Representative District 28B

Greg Davids

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Jordan Fontenello
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I am 48 years old.  I have been a resident of SE MN for over 20 years.  I live in Greenleafton with my wife and son.  I went to college at RCTC and WSU.  I volunteered for the military, serving in both the Minnesota and Michigan Army National Guard.  I was a Radiologic Technologist for many years at two different hospitals.  I’ve worked in retail as a Customer Service Supervisor for a long time.  I enjoy driving around and exploring the countryside with my family, woodworking, reading, watching movies, and writing critical expositions for my Facebook blog.  

Questionnaire Responses

What motivated you to run for office?

DAVIDS: I care deeply about this district and want to make the future brighter for our resident. This include maintaining law and order, allowing you to keep more of what you earn, giving schools the resources needed to succeed, and allowing business owners to operated as they, not government, intend.

FONTENELLO: I’d thought many times about what I’d do if I were in office. My epiphany came shortly after Donald Trump was placed, when I made the leap from thoughts to actions.  I immediately began investigating what it would take to run for Representative so I could help improve our society.  

What is your plan to eliminate poverty in Minnesota?

DAVIDS: If everyone has a good paying job, there would be no poverty. I believe we should focus on policies that grow jobs and make the climate in Minnesota more inviting for business owners to reinvest in their business and their employees.

FONTENELLO: Poverty is a metastatic cancer that must be dealt with by simultaneously attacking all of our systemic problems.  It will require significant new programs to provide the eight basic necessities (food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education, employment, communication, transportation), and equalizing resource allocation & distribution. Implementation will also significantly reduce racial inequality.

What is your plan to assure all Americans have affordable housing?

DAVIDS: Considering I’m a Minnesota state representative, there is only so much I can do to tackle a nationwide problem. That said, over the years I have supported allocating millions of dollars towards affordable housing and will continue to support investment that addresses the issue, particularly in rural areas.

FONTENELLO: The economics of ‘those who have the gold make the rules’ must end in order to alleviate the inherent unfairness the system engenders. We have the necessary resources to put the entire construction industry to work, and for impartial committees to determine where to build, and who receives housing first.

What is the one key piece of legislation you would sponsor if elected to office?

DAVIDS: Legislation that helps Minnesota recover from this awful pandemic. Too many families have struggled financially over the past few months, and too many business owners are struggling thanks to the administration’s decision to close or limit how they can conduct business during the pandemic. This needs to change.

FONTENELLO: Global warming, above all other crises, is the largest long-term existential threat to the reasonable survival of human beings. I will sponsor all good legislative measures that will decrease emissions of adverse chemicals into the atmosphere, and for whole-society technological solutions that reduce anthropogenic destruction of our biosphere.